Friday, February 22, 2013

School 'Stuff'

We've been so busy living life that, once again, I've allowed the 'blog thing' to fall by the wayside, and, once again, I'm playing a game of  'catch up.'
I've decided to take it month by month in a short series of posts about homeschool related 'stuff.' I'll start with September (which unintentionally has a ton of pictures of Joshua).
Although he finds the content challenging, Joshua is enjoying the many different science experiments in Exploring Creation with General Science.

Joshua is enjoying his Novel Studies too. He started the Fall with Where The Red Fern Grows
The kids have been spending some of their free time creating on the Lego Digital Designer. Here is one of Joshua's creations and one of Rebecca's too.

Joshua and Rebecca learn French online with Rosetta Stone.

Christine does NOT like Math, but she works hard at it and does a pretty good job.
Caleb is our resident "Math Genius." He often just 'gets it' so quickly that he's had the privilege of skipping some of the lessons in his Saxon Math 6/5 book.
We had fun doing experiments from The Big Bucket of Science Experiments that we bought from Steve Spangler Science ( this Fall. One of the experiments was with Magic Sand which just won't absorb water. You can pour it into water and then when you spoon it back out, it is dry. We tried pushing our fingers into the sand and into the water and our fingers came out dry! Cool!
We also used Insta-Snow which is a super absorbent polymer. Just a little bit of powder can absorb cups and cups of water. It just kept growing and growing! Rebecca and Caleb did an experiment by putting cups of Insta-Snow in areas with Warm, Room Temp, and Freezing temperatures to compare the evaporation rates. It was amazing how much faster the Insta-Snow in the cup that we put beside the lamp evaporated, compared to the one on the shelf (room temp) and the one in the freezer. They graphed their results when they were done. We did tons of other things in September too. Caleb made a tank out of a cardboard box and Rebecca made a Webkinz bus out of another cardboard box.
We also went sailing a couple of times, went to a Taekwondo Tournament, Hiked at Mud Bay, practiced volleyball in the park, dressed up in silly clothes and ate popsicles. We thank God for a busy, fun month.

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