Friday, March 1, 2013

December 2012 - Part 2

Most of December is typical taken up with preparations for Christmas, but there is that little bit of activity that is not. This post is about that part.

Rebecca was doing a novel study on The Courage of Sarah Noble by: Alice Dalgliesh in December and one of the projects was to make some moccasins. We had a moccasin kit given to us several years ago and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. Here are some pictures of Rebecca and I making the moccasins together. We think they turned out pretty good:

sometimes she is such a goofball..

Rebecca also did some weaving for the same Novel Study:

We also spent some time learning some pretty cool things in science. (We've noticed that science seems to be the most camera friendly subject.) 
Joshua learned about the buoyancy of salt water by placing an egg in a glass of water and slowly adding more salt. The egg eventually rose to the top! Cool!

Caleb and Rebecca were spending time getting more familiar with a microscope. They learned the different parts of the microscope and they drew what they saw through the lens:

a glimpse through the lens..

Meanwhile Joshua was busy watching the reaction of pepper to soap:

and the effect of soap on surface tension:
On one day Rebecca and Caleb decided to get a jump start on school and they got right to work while eating their breakfast while it was still dark!

Rebecca and Caleb learned about the properties of light as a start to their unit on Light and Sound:

Creating our own 'magnifier' we learned about concave and convex lenses.
 Shining light through milky water we learned that light scatters.

Christine is continuing through her Science book too, we just didn't get as many pictures of the 'action' in December, but we did get one experiment on film. Here she is learning about what happens to air when the temperature changes:

Before we knew it, it was time to start the decorating and preparations for Christmas..but that's for another post...

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  1. LOTS of learning going on in your home my friend. And now...summer? I trust you are having a little time of R and R? Perhaps we will see you at the pool sometime over these next two months.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog at the home-going of our son Austin. The LORD sustains. HE is so Good! Moment by moment...with Him. We could not survive without Him.

    Love to you!